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Handmade Japanese Samurai Walking Dead Sword-Michonne’s Katana Zombie Killer

Overall Length: 40.5 inch/104 cm Blade Material: AISI 1060 High Carbon Steel Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch/70.5 cm Saya Material: Hard wooden + Genuine Leather Handle Length:10.6 inch/27 cm Handle Material: Ray skin +Hard wood Kissaki Shape: Chu-Kissaki Tsuba Material: Zinc Alloy Blade Shape: Shinogui-Zukuri Sori(curve): 1.8cm Blade Width(near Habaki): 1.26…


Handmade T10 Clay Tempered Walking Dead Katana-Michonne’s Sword ZOMBIE Killer

We Can Customize Your Unique Sword Blade Struture/ Length / Sori / Hamon Type / Kissaki Type / Engraving / Fittings. Fully functional and battle ready. The sword is really cost-effective and will be your best choice to show to your friends or keep it as a collection or send…


Handmade Michonne’s Katana Zombie Killer Walking Dead Japanese Samurai Sword

Overall length ;103cm/40.55 inches. 70 cm/27.56 inches. Handle length ;26cm/10.24 inches. Blade width(near habaki blade) ; 3.2cm/1.26 inches. Blade thickness(near habaki blade);0.7cm/0.28 inches. Blade materia;T1060 high carbon steel. Sharpness ; can cut trees and bamboo, even can cut A4 paper, razor sharp. Bo-hi;with long hi on the each side of…


Handmade Japanese Walking Dead Sword-Michonne’s Katana Zombie Killer Sharp

Walking Dead Sword Japanese Michonne’s Katana Zombie Killer Sharp 1060 Steel Blade. Overall Length: 40.9 inch/104 cm Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch/70.5 cm Handle Length: 10.6 inch/27 cm Blade Width(near Habaki): 1.26 inch/3.2 cm Blade Width(near Kissaki): 0.91 inch/2.3 cm Blade Material: 1060 Carbon Steel Saya Material: High Quality Hard Wood…


Handmade Japanese Walking Dead Swords Michonne’s Katanas Zombie Killer Sharp

High Quality Japanese Sword Kata. Handmade Japanese Walking Dead Sword Michonne’s Katana Zombie Killer Sharp Blade 13 Times Folded 8193 Layers Damascus Steel. Overall Length: 40.9 inch / 104 cm. Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch / 70.5 cm. Handle Length: 10.6 inch / 27cm. Blade Material: Damascus folded steel + clay…


Handmade Japanese Samurai Katanas Walking Dead Zombie Michonne’s Sword Sharp New

Japanese Samurai Sword Wakizashi Kobuse Blade Genuine Full Rayskin Wrapped Saya. Handmade Japanese Samurai Sword Katana 1060 High Carbon Steel Black Blade Sharp. Blue Blade Japanese Shirasaya Katana Samurai Sword Folded Steel Full Tang. Japanese Samurai Black Blade Ninja Sword Carbon Steel Kiriha Zukuri Blade Sharp. Japanese Samurai Sword Katana…