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Animated Skeleton & Tombstone THE WALKING DEAD ZOMBIE Haunted Halloween Prop

This Skeletal Ghoul Is Crouched Behind A Tombstone, Head And Neck Visible, Waiting For Unsuspecting Victims. When Triggered By The Included Motion Sensor, He Pops Up About 13 Inches To Startle Your Guests! Requires AC Power And 120 PSI Compressed Air. Includes Animated Character Mounted To Base Platform, Motion Sensor,…


Animated Groundbreaker Zombie THE WALKING DEAD ZOMBIE Haunted Halloween Prop

This Zombie Tries To Push His Way Out Of A Mound Of Dirt. Includes- Digital Controller, Character With Foam Head And Fabric Clothing, Foam Dirt Mound. Metal Armature, Wood Base Plate. Requires 120 VAC And 120 PSI Compressed Air. Movie Quality Halloween Prop With Extreme Detail And Realism. Great For…


ANIMATED ZOMBIE The Walking Dead Haunted House Prop Halloween Decoration

Zombie Twitches And Moans In Pain, But Just Won’t Die! Foam-Filled Latex Body With Metal Armature And Heavy Duty Motor. Soundtrack CD Is Included. Extreme Detail And Realism Movie Quality Prop. Great For Haunted Houses Or Horror Movies. Appropriate For Theme Parks And Home Haunters. Full Front And Back Detail….