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Mcfarlane Toys The Walking Dead 2011 Complete Set Rick, Zombies, and Daryl

Mcfarlane Toys The Walking Dead 2011 – Complete Set Deputy Rick Grimes, Zombie Walker, Zombie Biter, and Daryl Dixon. These are the original figures that came out when the series started. Highly collectible and a very valuable set, especially complete. The item “Mcfarlane Toys The Walking Dead 2011 Complete Set…


LifeSize Walking Dead Animated Zombie Lady Eyes Light Moves Sound Halloween Prop

Take your Halloween decorations to the next level with this frightening Walking Dead Zombie. Nothing says All Hallow’s Eve like lifelike, life-size zombies. This frightening Female Zombie has come back from the dead and is ready to be positioned in your yard to frighten trick-or-treaters. She moves her head from…