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Zombie Tramp (Vol. 3 2014) Comics Full Run Set Lot 1-50 Excellent Condition

Comic Books For Sale. The issues, covers and variants are labeled & described according to the Comic Book Realm website’s price guide. There are a total of 84 comics, I do not have the #1 nude variant but #2 to #50 include the nude variants, mostly Dan Mendoza covers. 1,…


Zombie Skull Skeleton Gas Mask Walking Dead Radioactive Toxic Outbreak Latex

Zombie Skull Gas Mask Walking Dead Radioactive Demon Latex Fancy Party Masks. Radioactive Skull full head latex mask. Our masks are used by the Movie and Music Industries because the quality is so high. Johnnies Golden Labradors are currently on World Tour with Lily Allen. UV Glow Neon Hair Paint…