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Walking Dead 7 CGC 9.8 SS X2 Robert Kirkman Tony Moore AMC Zombies 1 2 1st print

It contains such highlights as the fan favorite writing of Robert Kirkman and the awesome artwork of Charlie Adlard!! With the success of the AMC TV series, this is one of the most sought after comic series in years!!! The book has been signed by series creators Tony Moore and…


The Walking Dead Sword-Michonne’s Katana Zombie Killer Clay Tempered Sword Sharp

Overall Length: 40.5 inch/104 cm Blade Material: Folded Steel with Clay Tempered Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch/70.5 cm Saya Material: Hard Wooden + Genuine Leather Handle Length: 10.6 inch/27 cm Handle Material: Ray skin + Hard wood Kissaki Shape: Chu-Kissaki Tsuba Material: Zinc Alloy Blade Shape: Shinogui-Zukubi Sori(curve): 1.8cm Blade Width(near…